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Eyes Forward (2017) is a percussion sextet written to use percussion instruments that are readily available to most University and HIgh School percussion programs. The piece is uplifting and driving, following a simple A B A structure for the framework of the piece. Shifting harmonies and interlocking rhythms in the marimbas and vibraphone create the fabric of the piece, while the metal instruments sing a beautiful and triumphant melody over top.

At the time of writing this piece, I was feeling pressure and fatigue from life (work, family, friends, politics, etc). It seemed like everything was trying to bring me down, and as a personal motivation, I would think to myself "just keep looking ahead and get through this. Keep your eyes forward."

Eyes Forward was commisioned and premiered by Dr. Tommy Dobbs and the UAFS Percussion Ensemble.

Eyes Forward

  • Instrumentation


    Crotales (high octave + low "B")




    5.0 Marimba

    4.3 Marimba

  • Format

    PDF only (score + parts)

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