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Rhapsody for Vibraphone and Marimba was originally conceived as a duet for marimba and cello. In the initial stages, I was inspired by styles of music common to both instruments, styles that I felt highlighted their passionate nature. When I decided to re-score it for the Quey Percussion Duo Composition Contest 2012, much of the original inspiration such as the form, style, and musical ideas, remained intact. With Rhapsody, I wanted to focus on simple themes that develop and become intertwined as the piece progresses. My goal was to show the ease in which a particular style or mood of music could transform into another, sometimes gracefully, and at other times quite violently. Influenced heavily by classical, tango, heavy metal, and funk music, Rhapsody for Vibraphone and Marimba is sure to have a little something for everyone.

Rhapsody for Vibraphone and Marimba



5.0 Marimba

8 min


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